a large busted woman, it’s so hard to find quality products that fit. Love this store’s products & even though we had to move away I’m still an online patron. Wish I could bring them with me everywhere.

Toran M. – Pensacola, Florida

I ‘ve always had a really positive experience here. I’ve been shopping here for about 15 years and have never had a bad experience. This is a great place to shop for high quality, uniquely sized bras, swimsuits, etc.

Claire T. – Smithville, Texas

Wonderful store and very accommodating to all your needs. I had never been properly fitted for a bra and these ladies made sure I had the right amount of comfort and support I needed. The consultants really do an outstanding job!

Whitney O. – Three Rivers, Texas

I’m so glad this place exists! Large bra sizes available for you to try on. None of the guesswork from ordering online. Plus they keep track of your purchases so that you can reorder from their website or just come back when you don’t have time for a fitting. Love it!

Sarah D. – Brownwood, Texas

I’ve been going here for the past 5 years and am just as happy with it now as I was the day I found it. I love the personal service and you definitely know you’re getting a good fit. As long as I live in Austin, I don’t think I’ll buy a bra anywhere else.

Charlie C. – Austin, Texas

After avoiding this place for years with the expectation of granny bras in my size, I stepped in to see what they might have in the way of honeymoon lingerie and was more than pleasantly surprised. As I’m sure other reviewers will tell you and I won’t expand too much on, they pair you with a fit specialist, stick you in a fitting room, and bring you great option after great option. They listen to your feedback, too. I said I was looking for something shorter, and no more long pieces arrived. While the sale and clearance items are limited, and I’m not sure they are fully on the sales floor, I managed to get a swimsuit for $40 (regularly $160) and $60 for a cozy, delicately sexy nightgown (regularly over $100).

Katie C. – Austin, Texas

This is the only and will be the only place I buy my lingerie from. For one, it’s buying local and it’s a wonderfully run family store. Their fitters have always been more than accommodating and I walk away feeling amazing. Trust me I have tried many other places! (Victoria Secret, Walmart, Soma…the list goes on!) Every time I foolishly go somewhere else I curse myself for not making the time to go get a fitting. Ladies you have no idea what you are missing if you haven’t been fitted properly!

Jessi A. – Austin, Texas

I was really impressed at the attention and service provided here. I had no idea just how far off I was on my size. My new bras fit great!

Melanie J. – Austin, Texas

I saw a well-endowed woman at Schlitterbahn with a perfectly fitting bikini top and immediately asked where she had purchased it. She pointed to me to Petticoat Fair, so I made a stop in Austin on our return to Houston. I was fitted and presented with several lovely bikini tops. One was a better fit than the others (though not perfect) but it was the best that I had ever had so I made the purchase and was quickly on my way. I was halfway to Houston when the manager called to let me know that I had left my wallet behind. She graciously offered to send it priority mail to me in Houston. I requested that it be overnighted at my cost and she accommodated my request and I had my wallet back in my purse on Tuesday.

Chaunacey B. – Houston, Texas

Tried finding a bikini at a couple of the other high ranked swimwear stores. No luck finding anything small enough for my (not particularly small) ribcage, that also had cups large enough for me to pop out of (and I’m not particularly well endowed). Came in to Petticoat Fair and took advantage of the proffered fitting. Elise was fabulous – she brought in a huge array of tops until we narrowed down flattering & comfortable styles. I left with two bikinis that I am super happy with. Having not bought one in more than 5 years, and that one not fitting well, this was awesome. The fit was so dang good that I ended up getting bras, too. I’d been fitted years ago as a size that’s not carried by Target or most department stores, so I’ve been wearing I’ll fitting bras for years because I really hate shopping. Again, Elise the fitter was a champ – we tried different styles, and she pointed out problems with the cuts for my build I wouldn’t have ever noticed. Gotta go back soon for a strapless that actually fits me.

Danielle R. – Austin, Texas

I just might have been able to convince a family member that I brought here to get fitted for the first time not to get breast implants, without even trying. Seriously, that’s how much of a difference a bra that fits can make on a woman’s life.

Ashley S. – Austin, Texas

The first time I came here was years ago. The next day, I was walking taller, with my back straighter and my gals were right out in front, on display. See, I’ve always been a busty gal, and never worn the right size. That just leads to slouchy shoulders and broken dreams, y’all. This isn’t your standard bra-shopping experience. Your fitter is dedicated to you – and only you – from the moment you enter the dressing room until you are checking out at the register. Your fitter will flit about the store like a bra-crazed fairy while you stand in the dressing room trying on the bounty she just dropped off. I went in recently because I needed a bra with a super-low back. Instead of a new bra, my fitter showed me an accessory that can be used to convert any bra into a very low back. It was under $20 where I had expected to spend $80+! Great quality, great value, great employees. My boobs will never shop anywhere else.

Sara S. – Austin, Texas

I’ve known for a while that my bras were not performing at the level I expected them to, and the culprit was probably mediocre quality and, more importantly, incorrect sizing. Petticoat Fair came up as the top place in Austin to try for professional bra fitting and for getting high quality lingerie, but I was still hesitant Though I really wanted my girls to look their best, did I really want to spend hundreds of dollars on new bras? Let me tell you something. Any doubts I had about how much I was willing to pay were erased shortly into the fitting process. The bras selected for me by the store associate fit me better and looked better than any bra I’ve owned in my entire life. The associate was incredibly helpful in helping me narrow down what style of bra I wanted, and she even made me fall in love with styles that I would never have chosen on my own. I ended up walking out with three new bras and a matching panty for one of them, and while it definitely wasn’t cheap, it was worth every penny to discover how amazing a well-fitted bra makes me look and feel. Ladies, if you’ve ever had the slightest doubts about the fit of the bra you’re in, you NEED to visit this place.

Ashlee W. – Austin, Texas

I have to say when I walked in I was put off that I couldn’t just search around for the bra I needed and some of the prices were a bit scary. I didn’t like having to wait almost 20 minutes for some girl to fit me. I’d just had surgery and I’m still quite self-conscious . When she told me the size I’d be trying I thought she was crazy too. I’d been the same size (measured at Victoria’s, Soma, Nordstrom), but she was right and found several bras that were just what I’d asked for, fit really well and were no more expensive then my usual.I went home tossed all the old ill-fitting ones into a bag, which I’ll take over there since they will donate for you I’m extremely happy with my 3 new ones and don’t think I’ll ever be bothered going elsewhere again.

Barbara S. –Cedar Park, Texas

So I have crazy problems trying to find my correct size, between my infrequent measurements and other store associates doing it wrong. Not so here! I did my homework before I came in and I knew there would be a wait and it would be pricey. I only ended up waiting about 15 minutes before one of the super friendly ladies came to take me through the experience. She measured me and brought out batch after batch of different types and sizes of bras. By the end she had me in a bra that was three cup sizes larger than the current one I had on, and it fit like a dream. Most of the prices I saw ranged from $50-$100, which is not bad for a garment you have to wear everyday if you don’t want strange looks. Mine ended up being $65 tax included and I love it to death after a week of excessive use. Be sure to look online at their styles and materials because it is easy to get lost in the excitement at the store. Ladies they even have MEMORY FOAM BRAS. Such comfort, so plush. The store is also ridiculously clean, which makes me happy. At the end, they keep a little database of styles and materials you liked and give you a instructional care card so you don’t destroy them fast. I will definitely be back.

India C. – Austin, Texas

I hate shopping and I don’t know a whole lot about wedding wear undergarments. So imagine my anxiety at the thought of having strangers help me find appropriate boob lifters for my wedding dress. Boob lifters is the technical term. Anyway, I showed up 10 minutes after they opened, signed in, Kali introduced herself as my consultant 10 minutes later, and I had something pretty, functional, and comfortable for less than $80 in 30 minutes. I am so thankful for the helpful Yelp reviews that got me to Petticoat Fair! Kali, her manager, and the front desk girl were all friendly and efficient. Kali never made me feel like my questions were dumb or annoying and gave me options throughout the entire process instead of pushing the most expensive thing she could find.

Tram H. – Austin, Texas

Customer testimonials appeared first as reviews on Petticoat Fair’s Facebook and Yelp pages.