Lingerie Care

How to Wash:

We always recommend reading your garment care tags as many items require special cleaning instructions. 

Machine Wash:
- Delicate or Gentle cycle
- Cold or lukewarm water
- NEVER run your intimates through the dryer. Always allow your garments to either hang dry or lay flat on a towel to remove excess water

Hand Wash:
- Fill your sink with lukewarm water and delicate washing detergent
- Soak lingerie for 15-20 minutes
- Gently rub the fabric together to remove dirt

- Depending on detergent, rinse the items (our SOAK wash is rinse free!)
- Lay garment flat on a towel
- Lay another towel over the top & press to remove extra water
- Hang dry over a drying rack or lay flat


Tips & Tricks!

  • Hand Washing is key to increase the lifespan and keep the vibrancy of your delicates.

  • NEVER use the dryer! Heat from the Dryer can warp wires, break down elasticity composition of materials, and strip dyes from the fabric.

  • Lingerie bags are ideal for machine wash use.

  • Best detergents are delicate, non-concentrated, gentle formulas such as our favorite wash, Soak! 

  • Under any circumstances, DO NOT use fabric softener! This will break down the fibers in your intimates and cause wires to break, bands to come apart, and holes!



For molded cups, NEVER fold the cups into each other. This will cause the cup to permanently wrinkle. For molded cups you should nest them together, unhooked and place inside of your drawer.