How To Take Your Own Measurements

Now, when it comes to bra fittings - numbers aren't everything. Here are PF, we use measurements as a guideline as they help give us an idea of where to start! Many factors come into play when fitting a bra, breast shape, density, symmetry etc. here is a little "how-to" to give you a general idea of what size might be best to start with! 


Measuring The Band:

The first measurement to take is around your rib cage, just under the breasts. This measurement corresponds to the band, or number, portion of the bra size! 

Take this measurement with a bra on, but without a shirt and be sure the tape is snug across your body where it moves slightly when you take a deep breath. 

Typically, you will round up to the nearest band size. So if you measure a 31 around, you would round up to a 32 band. DO NOT add inches to this measurement. Some bras do run tighter than others, if this is a concern feel free to reach out to a member of our team via phone or email!



Measuring The Cup:

For this measurement, you will measure each breast with a bra on SEPERATLEY, not together. Run the measuring tape from the center of your chest, across the nipple, and all the way back to the underarm where the breast tissue stops.

Measure BOTH SIDES and take the average measurement between the two. If you find a difference of more than 2 inches, email us and we will help you find a style to best fit you.

Every woman has one breast that is slightly larger than the other - we always like to fit to the fuller side to help eliminate digging and spillage


This should give you a rough estimate of a size to start with. Every bra runs differently, and is made for women of different shapes. You may be one size in one brand, and another size in a different brand... this is completely normal! 

Below is a chart, enter your measurements & it will give you a good starting size. Nothing beats working with a Fit Specialist, but we will do our best to help you online!

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call, email or if you're in the Austin area - stop by for a professional fitting by a member of our team!

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