Does Your Bra Fit?

What are some signs that your bra isn't fitting correctly:

The Center "Gore"

If your bra’s center panel is not resting on your sternum, this could be a sign that your cup size is too small. If the underwires are pointing outward and away from your body, this too is a sign that your cup size could be too small.

The Band is Riding Up Your Back

The band of the bra should be parallel to the floor. If your band is riding up your back, this can mean that the band is too loose, and/or your straps are too tight!

Your Straps Keep Falling off Your Shoulders

Only 10% of your bra's support should come from your bra straps. If your straps are working harder than this, you probably need a smaller band size. Women with sloping shoulders need to look for specific bra styles and features to keep their straps up and on their shoulders ie J-Hooks, Ballet Back styles, Racerback

Underwires are Poking You

Underwires shouldn't poke, protrude or pinch. If your underwire is sitting on top of your breast tissue and is poking you, the cup is too small. Underwires should lay flat in the center of your chest, and go all the way behind the breast tissue. 

Gaping in the Cup

Typically if there is space in the cup the natural reaction is to move to a smaller cup size. When this issue is happening, the real fix is the band. 90% of your support comes from there, as soon as it's not fitting correctly, everything will be off! Gaping in the cup is mostly caused by a band that is too big. When the band rides up your back, the bra falls in the front... thing of it like a see-saw! The fix for this issue is tightening the band. 

Band is too tight

Once a bra has stretched out and lost it's elasticity it can actually cause the band to feel tighter! If your band is feeling too tight, it's definitely time for a new bra fitting.

You're On The Tightest Hook

This is a common occurrence for many who are wearing a band size too big for them. We feel having our bras on the tightest hook means better support, when really all bands should be on their loosest hook and still firm. This will allow the band to stretch over time and wear and increase the lifespan of your bra.

The Dreaded "Double Boob"

Your cups are too small! When the cup is too small, your breast tissue has nowhere to go but out! 

Getting a bra fitting every 6 months is recommended, as we all go through many life changing moments.


These are just some of the common issues that 80% of women have with their bras.

You aren't the only one!