What to expect

Uhm… so where are all the bras?! 

When you first step foot into our shop your first thought might be… so where are the bras? Well, we aren’t like most stores, all of our bras are kept in a special stockroom in the back. There is a sign in sheet at the checkout counter, sign in and when one of our fitters is available they will call your name and escort you into a fitting room. There are always 5-9 fitters on any given day, so the wait won’t be long! Your personal fitter will consult with you about what you’re shopping for today and bring you all the best products for your unique size and shape!

Here are some signs that your current bra might not be fitting as well as it should

  • Bra straps slip off your shoulders
  • Bra band rides up your back
  • Breast tissue spilling out the top, bottom or sides of your cup
  • Bra straps that dig into your shoulders
  • Wires that poke or dig
  • Wrinkled cups
  • You’re on the tightest hook
  • The cup of your bra gaps open

If you identify with any of these problems, you may be one of the 85% of women who haven’t been properly fitted. Swing by for a fitting and experience the difference! No appointment necessary!