NK IMode Zero Waste Robe 4630

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NK IMODE’s Zero Waste Silk Robe is a sustainably produced robe that doesn’t compromise on luxury.  Wrap yourself in the softest OEKO-Tex certified silk, made without chemicals that are toxic to you and the environment. The only impact that this biodegradable, zero-waste robe will have on the earth is how wonderful it makes you feel every single day. 

At NK IMODE, sustainability is always at the forefront of our designs. This robe is a revelation in an environmentally-friendly fashion. Using optimal pattern efficiency, this garment leaves behind no fabric pieces that may end up in landfills. You can enjoy the pure luxury of this robe while knowing that none of the silk charmeuse went to waste.

Garment Details

  • Customizable fit to show your body exactly the way it is.
  • 100% zero waste; every single part of the fabric piece was utilized in the robe’s creation.
  • Made with entirely biodegradable fabrics.
  • Handmade with care in our ethical, family-owned factory.
  • Patch pockets to accommodate all of your at-home needs.
  • Belt for the best possible fit and easy dressing.

Material: 100% Silk Charmeuse

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NK IMode Zero Waste Robe 4630
NK IMode Zero Waste Robe 4630
NK IMode Zero Waste Robe 4630
NK IMode Zero Waste Robe 4630