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11/01/16 | Austin Fit
“Underneath in Fall
Is it hot in here, or is it just the lingerie?”

10/05/16 | Austin360
“Ready to buy your daughter her first bra? Read these tips from Austin’s Petticoat Fair”

09/14/16 | The Autumn Girl
“My experience at Petticoat Fair”

08/22/16 | Stylish Disaster
“A new me at Petticoat Fair”

07/21/16 | Austin American-Statesman
Andrews family fits Austin in undergarments at Petticoat Fair

06/12/16 | Austin Slave to Fashion
Petticoat Fair and the Pursuit of the Perfect Bra

06/02/16 | Little Bitty in the City
Achieving Enlightenment

05/30/16 | Tidbits Austin
The Tidbits Guide to Summer

05/10/16 | Fox-7 Austin
Trendy Tuesday: Petticoat Fair swimwear

04/22/16 | Austin American-Statesman
Home Matters: Find the swimsuit that fits your body

01/11/16 | Austin American-Statesman
Home Matters: Petticoat Fair month-long sale touted as twice in a century

02/12/15 | Best of Intima Magazine
Petticoat Fair wins 2015 Best of Intima Award for Best Reference Shop

04/01/14 | Austin Monthly
BRA-vo! Petticoat Fair celebrates 50 years of undergarment expertise

08/01/14 | Austin Chronicle
Anatomy of an Understanding

12/04/13 | Austin Fit Magazine
The Sports Bra: Why finding your proper fit is so important

04/26/13 | Hive and Nest
You’re Wearing the Wrong-Sized Bra

01/01/09 | Austin Chronicle
Critic’s Choice Award: Best Top Shop for the Top-Heavy Gal