Your Visit

Upon Arrival

When you arrive, please sign in at the front counter if there is not a fitter waiting for you, and your name will be called in order. Our fitters work individually with each customer to provide one-on-one, specialized service.

If there is a wait to work with a fitter, browse our extensive selection of sleepwear, swimsuits, shapewear, panties and more.


Working with a Fitter

A professional fitter will escort you to a fitting room to discuss your goals for the fitting, your style preferences and any bra fitting dilemmas. Your fitter will then measure you over your clothing to estimate a good starting size, and leave you to retrieve a good bra from the stock room.

The fitter will bring you a bra to try first, and will step out of the fitting room while you change. When you are ready, the fitter will step back into the room to adjust straps and band, check the fit, and discuss the comfort and style of the bra with you. Once a good fit is found, your fitter will bring you a variety of things to try on. Because all brands and styles fit differently, your fitter will check each bra on you to ensure that it is a good fit for you.

Your fitter can assist you in finding a great bra wardrobe, as well and provide expertise in choosing the best shapewear, swimwear, sleepwear, panties, and problem-solving accessories. If you have any questions, just ask!

Before you leave, your fitter will visit with you about the proper care of your new lingerie to ensure it wears well.

Customer Profile

Your purchase history is recorded in your customer profile to make future purchases convenient and easy. You can quickly purchase duplicates of your favorite styles, or have a fitter use your purchase history to find new styles for you.